About Me:

As a relative new comer to Prince George, I continue to be pleasantly surprised with all the great recreational facilities that this city has to offer. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and like to explore the trails in and around PG. My adventures are usually shared with my partner and/or my dog. With the recent birth of my son, I look forward to many new family adventures in PG.

My Perfect Prince George Day: 

My perfect PG day starts out with a sunny morning dog walk at Moore's Meadow Park followed by a brunch with some friends at Ohh... Chocolat. The afternoon is spent with my partner and son on the Nechako River in our canoe, with a riverside picnic stop at the Northern Lights Estate Winery. The evening is filled with live entertainment and great food at Nancy O's.

What is your favourite thing about Prince George? 

PG is a very friendly city! Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to meet so many fabulous people who absolutely love it here and are excited to make newcomers feel welcomed. It is unlike any other place I have lived or worked for that reason alone. 

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