Prince George's Exhibition Park grounds including outdoor & indoor riding arenas, stabling, skating rinks, sports arenas and more.

Exhibition Park Equestrian Centre and PG Agriplex

4199 18th Avenue, Prince George, BC

This 95 acre site is located at the base of Cranbrook Hill, right beside CN Centre and the Aquatic Centre. The area includes a rodeo grounds and race track; a speed skating oval (in the winter months), the CN Centre, the Kin Centre (a complex of three arenas), the Agriplex (an indoor riding arena), an outdoor riding arena and stabling facilities, loggers sports area, and the Sports Centre, home of the British Columbia Northern Exhibition (BCNE) and Prince George Gymnastics Club. 

The Prince George Horse Society  has managed the equine facilities at Exhibition Park for ten years, through five-year contracts with the City. It serves individuals who board 60 horses, and provides user groups access to the outdoor and indoor arenas. The indoor arena is heavily used during the winter season from October to April. The facilities receive approximately 500,000 hours of use each year, including the stabling, recreational riding, lessons, clinics, horse shows, and special events such as dog agility competitions.

Fast Facts

Indoor Arena:

  • Heated Indoor Ring: 30m (100 ft) by 60m (200 ft);
  • Bleacher style seating for 400;
  • Accessible washrooms with showers, meeting room, kitchen, office, tack room, tack-up area, storage

Outdoor Arena:

  • Outdoor Ring: 75m (246 ft) by 75m (246 ft)
  • Warm-up Ring: 30m (100 ft) by 36m (118 ft)

Boarding Facilities:

  • Millennium Barn (newer stalls): 40 stalls in 4 buildings, each stall is 12 x 12 feet
  • Draft Stalls (older stalls): 30 stalls in 3 buildings, each stall is 10 x 10 feet
  • Hay stalls: 60 stalls
  • Paddocks: 60 paddocks, with and without shelters