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The welcoming town of Prince George provides big city amenities within mere minutes of beautiful, pristine forests and thrilling cross-country, all-mountain and downhill riding.  Visitors seeking a northern challenge can ride the trails at Pidherny recreation site or the extensive network at Otway with trails for all skill levels.  If you’re looking for an easy, relaxed ride with river views, cycle the Heritage River Trail, which follows the Nechako River as it merges with the mighty Fraser.


If you've seen Kranked 8 then you know that Kyle Norbraten is, "Straight Outta PG" and likes to "party on the trails." It's no question that the trails you grow up partying on can have a huge impact on your riding style and even skill level. Kyle grew up riding the trails of Prince George, BC before moving away to pursue a career in mountain biking on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Since that move about 10 years ago, Kyle hasn't had the opportunity to revisit the trails that were instrumental in shaping his riding career.

The riding areas and trails in Prince George have evolved immensely since Kyle moved away. With that in mind we reached out to see if he would be interested in coming back to Prince George to film and ride the trails that helped him get to where he is today.
Kyle brought his signature style to every section of trail we filmed on. Morale was high and everyone was positive and productive despite the relentless swarms of mosquitos. Next time we'll rethink before scheduling a shoot during peak mosquito season!

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Where to Ride?

Where to ride is a tough decision these days in Prince George. While trying to decide what trails to ride one day, my riding partner and I mutually commented that there were almost too many choices.  Prince George has multiple areas to ride, with levels to suit all abilities and interests.

Be sure to bring water and a small snack as well as a spare tube or patch kit, tire levers and a pump to prevent a “less fun” walk out.  You can access links to trail maps and other local cycling information at

Otway Nordic Centre
For a beginner the best place to visit is Otway Nordic Center where there are all single-track trails.  There are 2 full green trails, many blue rated options with a few black mixed in for variety.
Beginner: Home Run and Tin Can Alley
Intermediate: Home-Run-Inside Passage-Midway-Karma, Tree Hugger and Adams
Experienced: Doghouse, Curves, Espresso, Karma, Twister, ACDC, Java and Cyclone

Pidherny is generally considered more advanced than Otway, only because it has some steeper/ technical sections that are not as easily avoidable.  If you are a beginner rider, I suggest parking at the top parking lot on Foothills Blvd. (across from Vellencher Rd.).  Note that Ten Dollar is the only two-way trail to get you back to the access trail, so use caution when going both directions.
Beginner: Foothill Access trail-Ten Dollar/Flow Job (both are blue rated, but suitable for a beginner if you ride slowly).
Intermediate: Papa Woods, Carcass and Dixie (all have Technical Trail Features most with ride arounds).
Experienced: Valve Job, New England Clam Chowder and Ditch Pig

Pidherny has some extremely challenging technical cross country loops that are better accessed from the lower parking lot, and are located on both sides of Pidherny Road.  These include Climb It, Pulaski, Front Porch, McLeod on the east side of the road as well as Gus’ Grind, GXC, Peanut Butter, Big Ass Hill, Sidewinder and Ridge XC on the west side.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you that most of these have advanced technical sections and some challenging climbs!  The east side trails are currently not on the Pidherny Recreation Site trail map, as they are out of the previous boundary; this includes the bottom of Valve Job and NECC. I highly recommend you have a map on hand as there are currently no trail maps posted within the trail network, only in the parking lots.

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