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Rooftop Rock - A Drive-In Concert Experience
Saturday May 23, 2020  |  7:30 PM
Canadian Tire, 5008 Domano Blvd

'ROOFTOP ROCK - A Drive-In Concert Experience’ is exactly as it sounds … It’s a Drive-In Concert hosted in the parking lot of Canadian Tire (Prince George, BC) on Saturday May 23, 2020.

The entertainment industry around the world has been diminished to being virtually non-existent during this unprecedented pandemic. Its future is still uncertain as Government begins to make careful steps towards recovery. People in all walks of life have experienced life in a new way, and part of that includes foregoing concerts, and other live entertainment events. However, the people behind ROOFTOP ROCK believe now is a time for innovation and creativity to bring people together through live-music, all while maintaining much needed Physical Distancing and Public Safety.

The event is designed to take place like a true drive-in. You arrive in your vehicle, you stay in your vehicle, you watch from your vehicle, and you leave in your vehicle. You MUST stay in your vehicle for the entire duration of the concert and maintain physical distancing at all times.

Upon arrival onsite please park your car in the designated parking areas for the event. There will be parking attendants onsite to help you if needed. Remain in your car, and tune your radio to 103.1 FM to listen to the concert live through your radio!


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