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Relaxed Theatre – Meet My Sister!
Saturday March 30, 2019  |  2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Theatre NorthWest, #36-556 North Nechako Road

What is a relaxed performance?

Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome audience members who will benefit from a less restrictive audience environment, including (but not limited to) patrons with sensory processing conditions, Autism, a learning or intellectual disability, or parents with infants and toddlers. There is a more casual approach to noise and movement within the theatre space.

For more information or to book tickets in advance please email FOH@theatrenorthwest.com

By Bonnie Green
Running: March 28 – April 17, 2019
A Co-Production with Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops
Run Time: Two Hours (including a 15 minute intermission)

WORLD PREMIERE!!! In this hysterical new comedy two sisters, Stella and Blanche, one from Northern BC and the other from Northern Ontario, try in vain to get their mother to come out of her locked home, which has been sold, and out to a seniors residence where she is supposed to be moving that day!! With Tim Horton’s cups being tossed out the window and hilarious failed attempts to woo her out, these two sisters battle the locked home and even each other as they try to figure out who mom loved best… But wait who’s this Sly person mom keeps talking about!?!?? A laugh out loud comedy that goes right for the gut and has a surprise twist ending you’ll be laughing about for days to come!

Contact:  250-614-0039  |  FOH@theatrenorthwest.com  |  Visit Website


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