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Conscious Dance for Every Body!
Thursday April 26, 2018  |  5:45 PM - 8:00 PM
Willow Empowerment Centre, 788 Pulpmill Road

SacredSoulDance: Conscious Dance
is an event for every body with awesome music of all genres to inspire you to get you out of your mind into your body.
This dance is best suited for adults. No previous dance training required, just a willingness to move and explore your authentic movement.
Sacredsouldance intends to facilitate free conscious movements with rhythmic music in a safe, shoe- and drug free space. It offers a space for the joy of movement and potential physical and mental rebalancing and reconnecting ourselves on different levels.
Dance as one traditional human form of meditation, ceremony and ritual can contribute to a shift in consciousness. Surrender to the music and our movements, our hearts and spirit guides us.
We start at 6 pm, but need some time before for intro and organization if you come the first time.
Drug and shoe free dance. Bring water bottle, comfy clothes, prepare to sweat!
Key words:
Conscious dance, health promotion, wave, rhythm, joy of movement, stress relief, exercise, rebalance, reconnect, body mind spirit, community , embodied authenticity, stress relieve, inner healer, exercise, creative playfulness of movement
Suggested Donation 10 -15 $


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