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Blocktreat and Malcolm Jack Live at Omineca Arts Centre
Thursday February 15, 2018  |  8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Ominca Arts Centre, 1119 3rd Avenue


Blocktreat is a warm-and-tingly lo-fi dreamscape, floating on a backbone of upbeat casio drum grooves, and packed with catchy, kaleidoscopic guitar and synth lines. Brandon Hoffman sings and plays a rack of vintage electronics, while Jess Rampling plays bass, Malcolm (Jack) Biddle plays guitar, and Daniel Ruiz plays drums and electronic percussion. Through heaps of tape saturation, lyrics touch on real-life social situations that leave Hoffman with more questions than answers. From a close friend opening up about mental health issues, to the joy and dysfunction of dating in a small town, Hoffman uses music as a chance to sit with the day-to-day on-goings that complicate his life and give it meaning. Blocktreat has been featured on Vice’s Noisey, Indie Shuffle, CBC’s the Signal, and has played stages like Vancouver International Jazz Fest, and ArtsWells Festival.

Malcolm Jack:

Malcolm Jack is a Vancouver born and raised composer, producer and performer with a total awareness of the here and now. A folk singer in the true sense, he incorporates tape loops, field recordings, vintage drum machines and bizarre tunings into his otherwise lyrical approach. Touching on the concepts of modern myth, offline living, ecology and alienation, he creates a one of a kind world that is as inclusive as it is unique, allowing peers to peer into their own lives and environments with stunning magnification. His 2016 album Inner Circles was met with enthusiasm.


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