Eena Lake

Eena Lake, Fraser-Fort George A, Prince George, BC

Eena Lake is located about 35km north of Prince George, near Nukko Lake. Access to the lake and boat launch is at the end of Quinn Road.

"Eena Lake is an ideal location, both for its beauty and its high catch rates. There are several shoals, making it ideal trout habitat. 
Families and beginners will find this a great place to start. A couple of deeper areas at the north and south ends are perfect for angling in the heat of the summer when the trout go deep. Brian Smith, author of Fly Fishing BC’s Interior and Seasons of a Fly Fisher, says that the west side of the island is a great place to start at any time.
The hatches on Eena Lake are a gold mine for fly fishers. Chironomids, mayflies, damselflies, caddisflies and dragonflies are all available to the trout. In particular, Smith calls the mayfly hatch in May and June, 'phenomenal.' He adds that chironomids, shrimp and leeches are all staple patterns here.
Early and late in the season, try fishing the shallows and out from the shoreline debris. " The Angler's Atlas

Species: Stocked Rainbow Trout; Kokanee

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