Dragon Stone Mongolian Grill

#110 3040 Recplace Drive, Prince George, BC

Dragon Stone's goal is to provide a fresh, healthy and delicious dining option to the Prince George community. 
Enjoy a vast buffet of fresh vegetables, tender noodles, savoury meats, rich seafood, and flavourful sauces. You get to combine all these delicious ingredients, so the possibilities are endless!

With so many choices no two bowls will be the same, so take as many trips to the grill as you'd like! After watching the Stone Masters grill your meal to perfection, don't forget to let it cool down a little before digging in, because it's hot!

Allergies or dietary restrictions? The buffet is diary and MSG free! There are numerous options that are suitable for people who may not have gluten, soy, sodium, nuts, seafood, animal products, and other allergens. 


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Sunday - Saturday: 11:00am - 11:00pm

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