Teapot Mountain

Teapot Mountain Recreation Site, Fraser Fort George, BC

Teapot Mountain Trail is a short uphill hike leading to a summit with four viewpoints providing 360 degree views of the surrounding lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands. The mountain trail is located north of the community of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

The 1.4 kilometre hike is deceiving because it seems like a short trek on a map but it is not for the light hearted. The trail is a rough grade route and hikers should be in good physical condition. The hike is suitable for families but care must be taken and good hiking boots worn.

The route explores one of two basalt volcanic plugs in the region. The basalt flows formed the interior plateau in the north long before the ice age arrived. The columns of basalt are exposed and visible from the ground on the southern slopes of Teapot Mountain. On the trail the basalt rocks are visible everywhere.

How to get there:

Drive 50 km north of Prince George on Highway 97 past Summit Lake. From Highway 97 turn left onto Tallus Road. Continue driving and then take a right onto the Caine Creek Forest Road. Follow the road to the parking lot.


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