Disc Golf

Prince George, BC

Want to try out a different kind of golf — for free? The object of this game is to throw a "golf disc" into the target; a steel basket over which chains hang, in the fewest number of throws. The player begins by 'driving' from a designated tee area and continues toward the target. Each consecutive shot must be thrown from the spot where the previous throw has landed. A successful 'putt' sends the disc into the target. The combination of challenges to players, including distance, accuracy, wind, trees, shrubbery, water and terrain changes, offer plenty of action and excitement during the course of a game.

There are special discs designated just for golf,  but all you really need to play a recreational game are a Frisbee and some friends! Play at two designated locations in Prince George: Rainbow Park and Otway. Download the Otway map and rules below!

The Rotary Disc Golf Course at Rainbow Park was made possible by the Prince George Ultimate Frisbee Club, the City of Prince George and funding through the Prince George Rotary Club.

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