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Ruby’s Take on the Pidherny Bike Trails

Mountain Biking, The Local Take

If you haven’t heard of the Pidherny Bike Trails, then I suggest you keep reading, because
you’re in for a treat. These trails are perfection. When I say perfection, I mean the “slowly
sipping a hot coffee on a Sunday morning, with a full belly, nowhere to be, and nothing to do”
kind of perfection, not technical perfection.

When I first drove up to Pidherny, one of the two trail networks in the Prince George area that permit shuttling, I was shocked by its proximity to town. Opposed to the dusty dirt roads I am accustomed to crawling my truck up, the ride from lot to lot is a smooth asphalt surface. We rolled up at 3pm on a perfect summer afternoon, and found the lower parking lot to be well lined with vehicles. In contrast, the upper lot, Foothills Parking, offered ample space and a pump track to play around on while waiting for our riding companions. From there, New Access
Trail/Upper Papa Woods was the perfect warm up with roughly 100m of elevation gain that funneled us right to the top of the trail network. Then all we had to do was decide which trail to ride.

Prior to visiting Prince George, there was one trail that I had flagged as a “must ride” after it blew up my social media feed. I decided to leave this popular trail for last though and instead rode over to New England Clam Chowder, a trail recommended to us by local friends. It ended up being full of surprises. The teens riding in front of me confidently rolled each feature, having me question whether the wooden structures were as intimidating as they looked, or if it was just an optical illusion.

We carried on to Entropy which was a delightful trail with so many twists, turns, and bends I began to lose my directional sense. But it didn’t really matter because all trails lead down eventually. The evening sun of endless summer days filtered through the trees providing splashes of light and warmth. Talladega Knight offers one of Northern BC’s very few adaptive bike trails, so of course we had to give it a go. Just shy of a km long, it’s a fun trail littered with jumps. Typically erring on the cautious side while riding new trails, I found my wheels progressively spun faster as I attacked each new section of dirt.

Lastly, it was time for Kitchen Sink, the trail that, over the years, has blown up my socials. Its wooden features are synonymous with Prince George riding. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but thankfully all the wooden features have ride-arounds so you can choose the adrenaline pumping lines, or just watch your friends sweat instead. My husband, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to tackle each feature. I could almost hear his heart beating from where I stood on the ground below as his bike cruised over the roller coaster-esque features, a final shout of excitement simultaneously escaping his mouth. Reminiscent of an amusement park, the adrenaline was high on this trail. It is very clear how much love and pride goes into each shovelful of dirt on the Pidherny trails. As we rounded the bend, approaching the final staging area, I was already planning our next PG trip. With a wide variety of trails from beginner to advanced, as well as perfect flow and unique features- I couldn’t resist.We kept the excitement rolling while discussing which downtown hotspot we should visit for post-bike treats. Driving away from the parking lot, down the car-lined streets, it’s hard to believe that such an oasis lives inside the city. Until next time…

Ruby Hogg:
A retired makeup artist turned storyteller, Ruby began writing when she noticed how little
was out there for travel journalism focusing on families. Ruby sees nature as our
playground thus, her writing focuses on undiscovered gems, unique environments, and
towns that will leave you breathless. You can find her on social as @wildlyruby