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Explore Prince George’s Mountain Biking Scene with Lindsay

Mountain Biking, The Local Take

My name is Lindsay, and I am a certified mountain bike coach, and enthusiast of everything
outdoors! I’m known among my family and friends as “the mountain biker”, and you’d likely
recognize my husband, Jacob, as the guy with the awesome mustache at Ruckus, one of the
local bike shops. Together, we love getting involved in our community and helping others build
confidence and have fun on their bikes. Although I wasn’t born here, Prince George has always
been home for me, but I didn’t start mountain biking until I was about 18 years old; I’ve seen it
grow into something that is inclusive for all ages and skill levels. To me, mountain biking isn’t
just about conquering challenging terrains; it’s an adventure into the heart of nature, an
adrenaline fueled escape that leaves you feeling satisfied. It’s become a consistent part of my
life and I admire the community that it brings together on and off the trails, forged through a
mutual love of the sport.

I get asked all the time what my favorite local trails are, but to be honest, not only are there too many to count, but I’m just happy riding my bike anywhere! I’ve ridden our trails for a long time so I am always looking for ways to integrate new and old trails in different ways, extending my ride time in curious ways! The trails in Prince George have evolved incredibly into multiple amazing networks that offer more accessibility, diversity, and something fun for every rider, so let me showcase the things that make riding in Prince George unique and some of my favorite things about it. Let’s dive into the 3 main MTB trail networks in PG and what makes each of them awesome.

The first I will mention is likely the one you’ve heard of the most, or the one locals mention first if you’re new to town – Pidherny! It is the best of both worlds, offering a variety of XC trails near the bottom lot, an awesome climbing route to the top of the hill, and then various downhill laps from there. It is my go-to spot in general, as its biggest asset is its convenient location so close to town. You can be confident that you will have time to squeeze in a ride before work, or before sunset knowing that it is on average only about 5-15 minutes away. An example of a fun ride route I might take at Pidherny would be: starting from the lower lot: Shady Lane -> Pulaski south -> Front Porch to Rebar -> Lopper -> Easy Street -> Honey Shuttle, then go across the Ridge Access and down Otter Alley -> Dimeslot -> Ditchpig to Entropy! I love this lap because it has the perfect amount of XC at the start to get you warmed up and add some km’s to your ride, Otter Alley gets you amped up with some wicked berms, and nothing is more classic than linking it with Dimeslot to hit some features, wrapping up with some flow on Entropy. Check out the Trailforks App as an awesome tool to learn new ride routes and get creative.

The second, and possibly the most family friendly trail network in Prince George, is Otway, also known as Caledonia Nordic Center. Located about 10-15 minutes west from central Prince George, it boasts the ultimate XC zone with lots of beautiful scenery within the forest it’s held. I love riding here when I need to decompress and get lost in some rhythmic pedaling among the tall trees. One thing I love about Otway is how the trails are spread out, and articulated in such a way that you will rarely run into large groups of other trail users; It is an area used by various trail users over all seasons. The trails offer a mixture of undulating, flowy single track, old school XC, and trails that will meander through its beautiful landscape. Unique to Otway is how many of the trails are 2-way – this only magnifies your ride diversity! I love hearing of new route ideas from fellow riders and taking some trails that are less traveled to keep things interesting and fun. One lap I really enjoy as an addition to any ride is: Up Twister/ACDC to the Doghouse -> RollerCoaster -> Clearcut -> Deliverance -> Twister out.

The third trail network I’ll highlight is Tabor Mountain! Only about 20 minutes East of town, lies a brand new and expanding trail network built to meet the needs of what mountain biking in PG was missing – shuttle access, family friendly trails with lots of vertical and epic machine built runs that will leave you hootin’ and hollerin’ with your pals. Tabor boasts a huge parking area with wheelchair accessible picnic tables/outhouses, perfect for larger groups. If you like to get in some pedaling on your ride, there’s an amazing climbing track that will place you near the top of the DH tracks. If you’re more into crushing some laps with zero pedaling involved, shuttle all the way to the top up the gravel road and maximize your downhill time. All of the trails at Tabor are my favorite, so I say go ride them all!

Regardless of where you choose to go for a ride in PG, you’re sure to have a good time on two wheels. But what makes Prince George different from the next town? It’s not just the trails, but the community. I am stoked to be a part of a mountain biking community that is growing and coming together to build the sport here in Prince George. I love participating in MTB events alongside countless others, whether I’m there as a rider or as a volunteer; These can include anything from enduro/XC races, build nights, group rides or fundraisers and more! Community
gatherings are so important for building unity, progressing the sport, and having the chance to connect with everyone behind the scenes, on and off the bike. I have had some of the best times at these events, catching up with riding pals I haven’t seen in a long time, making new connections, and enjoying learning about all the different parts of a mountain bike community and what it takes to keep it strong.

No matter how much you bike or how much time you have to spare in your busy schedule, you
are essential to Prince George’s growing mountain biking community. Now get out there and
have fun rallying the trails with your besties, and maybe even with someone new!