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BC Bird Trail: Prince George

Adventure, Things to Do

Get ready to spread your wings and explore the BC Bird Trail like never before! Prince George is one of the many outposts and trails you can explore with the guidance of the BC Bird Trail App. 

Keep track of your adventures through the app, downloadable through both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you’ve created an account you can find Prince George under the Outposts section of the Bird Trails. Check your progress through the home page as you earn badges visiting Bird Trail stops, and work your way up the leaderboard! Pick a location to visit (like Cottonwood Island Park) and hit the Check In button when you arrive to collect points on your itinerary. Looking to add a bit of birding to your holiday travel plans? Browse experiences from all over BC or check out the other trails across the province!

You can find even more information on the BC Bird Trail website. Check out their Field Notes Blogs for inspiration and birding tips. Each Trail’s webpage updates seasonally with birds that are in the area (including the Prince George Trail Page), giving a great chance for birders to keep an eye out for certain species. New to the hobby or not comfortable identifying birds on your own? Drop in to Books and Company and pick up one of the many bird identification guides they have to offer. Or get a helping hand with the Merlin Bird ID app, which has both a visual identification guide and a Sound ID function to pick out which species around you are singing. Stop by the PG Library with your library card and borrow one of their Birdwatching Kits (with goodies like binoculars and field guides).