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What’s On: Fall Events 2023

Adventure, Family, Things to Do

Now that summer has come to end, the leaves have started to fall, hockey season is starting up again, and everything pumpkin related is back. Check out some of the events that are happening this fall! Looking further ahead, check out our events calendar.

-Aug 10th-Sept 10th Sunflower Festival

-September 1st: Foodie Fridays

-September 2nd: Huble Homestead Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

-September 2nd: Hit to Pass PGARA Speedway

-September 3rd-4th: Potato Festival @ Huble Homestead

-September 5th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-September 6th: Board Game Night @ 3 Goblins Games

-September 6th: Open Mic Night @ Nancy O’s

-September 7th: Music Bingo @ Trench

-September 7th: Songs,Sunsets & Sips

-September 8th: V.I. KINGS Tour 2023 LIVE in Prince George BC

-September 9th: Giscome Portage Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

-September 9th: Parkinson Superwalk

-September 10th: Community West Market

-September 10th: Harvest Festival @ BCNE Outdoor AG Arena

-September 12th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-September 13th: Crib Night @ The Legion

September 13th:  Bryan Adams Concert

-September 14th: Love Local Events Night Market

-September 14th: Music Bingo @ Trench 

-September 15th: Movie Night in the Orchard-Back To The Future

September 19th: 2 Shadows The Cold Inside Tour

-September 19th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench 

-September 16th: Homicide on the Homestead

-September 20th: Open Mic Night @ Nancy O’s

-September 20th: Comedy Open Mic Night @ Trench

-September 23rd: Scavenger Weekend @ Huble Homestead

-September 23rd: Junk in the Trunk CN Centre

-September 23rd: Karaoke @ Trench

-September: 23 & 24 Fall Small Business Fair

-October 24th: Music of the Night Concert Tour

-September 26th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-September 27th: Steel Panther: Live at CN Centre

-September 27th: Trivia Night @ Nancy O’s


-October 1st: National Seniors Day Open House

-October 3rd: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-October 4th: Open Mic Night @ Nancy O’s

-October 6th-8th: Pumpkin Patch @ Hunnifords

-October 8th: Fall Market @ Hunniford Gardens

-October 8th: Fall on the Homestead

-October 8th:Tacheeda Lookout Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

-October 10th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-October 11th: Wednesday Board Game Nights @ 3 Goblins Games

-October 11th: Trivia Night @ Nancy O’s

-October 13th: Fright Night & Market @ Hunniford

-October 14th-15th: Pumpkin Patch @ Hunniford

-October 14th: Happily Ever After Bridal Expo

-October 15th: Fall Market @ Hunniford Gardens

-October 15th: Billy Talent Concert

-October 15th: Dean Brody Concert

-October 17th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-October 21st: The Larches Hike with the Caledonia Ramblers

-October 21st: Halloween Spooktacular

-October 21st: Coldsnap Presents Dak’et, Shun Inli (Music in the Fall) 2023 

-October 21 & 22: DP Todd Holiday Market 

-October 21 & 22: Sacred Heart Craft Fair 

-October 21st-22nd: Pumpkin Patch @ Hunniford

-October 22nd: Fall Market @ Hunniford Gardens

-October 24th: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

-October 28th: Magick Moon Market

-Oct 28-29th Railway and Forestry museum Pumpkin Express

-October 31st: Trivia Tuesday @ Trench

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