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Prince George, known as the “Basecamp to the North,” offers a unique blend of urban amenities
and outdoor splendors. From its thriving arts scene and cultural festivals to its breathtaking
natural landscapes and recreational opportunities, this city has something for everyone.
Get ready to explore the stunning trails that wind through ancient forests, catch a live
performance at a local theater, indulge in delicious culinary delights, and immerse yourself in
the rich history and heritage of the region. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an art fanatic,
a history buff, or a foodie, Prince George has endless treasures waiting to be discovered.

Play Hard

Paddle Boarding the Local Lakes: Paddle boarding the local lakes near Prince George is a fantastic way to connect with nature, enjoy a unique perspective of the city, and create unforgettable memories. Remember to paddle within your abilities, be prepared for changing conditions, and embrace the serenity and beauty that the waterways have to offer.

Canoeing nearby lakes: Whether you’re an experienced paddler seeking new challenges or a newcomer eager to push your boundaries, the waterways around Prince George are sure to please. With over 1,600 lakes, rivers, and streams within a 100km radius, choosing a place to launch is always easy.

Mountain Biking: Hit the trails and explore the rugged terrain around Prince George on a mountain bike. There are numerous trails, such as the Pidherny Recreation Site, Tabor Mountain Recreation Area and Otway Nordic Ski Club, which offer a range of difficulty levels and breathtaking scenery.

Golf: Surrounded by the wild north, Prince George boasts ample opportunities to play. Nestled in between valleys, and running through natural northern forests golfers can choose between a variety of play styles and terrain. You’ll soon find yourself on the edge of the city playing among wildflowers and local wildlife or centred in the core of the city valley, with amenities only minutes away.


Two Rivers Gallery: Two Rivers Gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions
from local, regional, and national artists. The gallery hosts various art-related
events, workshops, and educational programs, making it a hub for artistic
expression and creativity.

The Exploration Place: This interactive science center and museum provides a
fascinating exploration of the region’s natural and cultural history. Visitors can
learn about the local Indigenous heritage, discover the area’s wildlife, and
explore hands-on exhibits.

Studio 2880: This community arts center is dedicated to supporting and
promoting local artists in Prince George. Studio 2880 features an art gallery
showcasing diverse artwork, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and more.
It also offers workshops, classes, and artist-in-residence programs, fostering a
vibrant arts community.

Theatre NorthWest: Enjoy live theatrical performances at Theatre North West, a
professional theater company in Prince George. From thought-provoking dramas
to entertaining musicals, the theater offers a wide range of productions
throughout the year, showcasing local talent and engaging audiences of all ages.

Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum: Step back in time and explore the
region’s rich railway and forestry history at this museum. Discover vintage
locomotives, historical artifacts, and exhibits that highlight the vital role these
industries played in shaping the area’s development.

Huble Homestead: Huble Homestead provides a captivating experience for
visitors of all ages, offering a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of early
settlers in the region. It’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in history,
learn about the pioneer spirit, and gain a deeper appreciation for the heritage of
Prince George and its surrounding areas.

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