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Local Legends: Elmer Gunderson


Elmer Gunderson is an accomplished artist based in Prince George with over three decades of experience in carving wood and stone. His specialty lies in creating unique faces, and animal carvings, each with their own distinct personality and an unparalleled level of detail.

Gunderson’s artwork can be found throughout Cottonwood Island Park in Prince George, where he was commissioned by the city’s mayor to create some of his stunning pieces. He helped design the park’s trail systems and has since returned twice to include more of his carvings in the trees.

What sets Gunderson’s art apart is not only its beauty but also how seamlessly it blends in with the natural surroundings. He is mindful not to harm the trees when carving, allowing them to grow and transform over time. Visitors of all ages are drawn to explore the outdoor gallery. 

Gunderson often takes leisurely walks with his dog in the park, chatting with visitors who stumble upon his creations.

Gunderson’s artwork is a reflection of his inner expression and his passion for exploring the limits of his art. He leaves evidence of the tools he used in his sculptures as a history of the process, constantly evolving and learning. The intricacy of each piece of wood or stone creates a character distinct to every piece, giving something ordinary a finer distinction. His works stand as a testament to the endless possibilities of human imagination and the beauty of the natural world.

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