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Local Legends: Tony Fiala (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)

Adventure, The Local Take

Prince George, your basecamp to adventure in the north. Surrounded by towering forests, rolling hills, and mountains, this is the adventure seekers dream. Whether you enjoy the thrill of downhill slopes or the gentle hills of a cross country trail, Prince George has you covered. From Purden Ski Hill, the Hart Ski Hill, to Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, there is something here for everyone.

Tony Fiala, a former Olympian at the 1992 Olympics and Prince George resident said “This project has been great at reliving some of the great memories I have in terms of my development as a high level athlete in the central interior, in particular Otway and Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.  It is here that I was introduced to the sport of Biathlon and never looked back in my quest to be an Olympian.  Otway is a home for myself and my family and it has grown into a World Class facility that supports athletes and programs and hosts many provincial, national and international events.  We are so lucky living in Prince George and have a facility like this for everyone to enjoy!”

“Open for the ’84-’85 season, {Caledonia Nordic Ski Club} boasted 4km of trails, a 2 story cabin, a biathlon range, and around 250 members.”

Tony Fiala

Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, otherwise known as Otway, has come a long way since it was founded in 1957. There are 2446 members, and over 17 programs and 55km worth of trails to explore. The facility is boasts trails perfect for night skiing and even includes trails for your furry companion to tag along. They also offer snowshoe rentals.