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Eight Bars to Visit for the Solo Diner

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Whether you’re a Prince George local or a visitor, there will be times when you want to enjoy a solo night out or don’t have anyone to join you. If you’re someone who likes to meet new people, parking yourself at the bar of a local restaurant or brewery is your best option. We’ve put together a list of five bars that are often full of solo diners, offer a great atmosphere, and are served by friendly staff.

The Black Clover
1165 5th Ave.
This locally owned pub is Irish-themed, offering a range of Irish foods and drinks, including Guinness
beer. The pub is a large square with the bartenders in the middle. Stop by for a pint or to watch your
favourite team play. The Black Clover is very busy on weekends, so make sure to get there a little early if
you want to grab a seat.

Betulla Burning
1253 3rd Ave.
This restaurant is best known for its deliciously unique pizzas that are prepared in a wood-fired oven.
You can choose to sit at the bar in front of the oven and watch the chefs prepare their gourmet
creations, or pull up a seat at the bar closer to the back of the restaurant. Whichever location you
choose at Betulla Burning, you’ll be sure to have your taste buds tantalized and might even meet an
interesting person or two!

Browns Socialhouse
101-3167 Massey Dr.
If you’re from British Columbia, this restaurant is probably well-known to you, and if you’ve been to the
Browns Socialhouse in Prince George, you’ll know the main feature at the centre of the room is a large
square-shaped bar. The staff are always friendly here and as the bar is larger and often full, it’s a great
place to strike up a conversation with locals and travellers alike.

CrossRoads Brewing
508 George St.
This locally owned brewery offers a large spacious dining area that functions as a full-service restaurant.
The bar is small but ideally located right by the taps. Pull up a chair and strike up a conversation with
one of the bartenders or others sitting at the bar. If you’re feeling hungry, the CrossRoads menu offers a
range of options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Nancy O’s
1261 3rd Ave.
This restaurant is known for its upscale pub food that often features locally sourced ingredients and
wide range of drink options. As Nancy O’s is a popular spot for dining and entertainment and the space
is smaller than your average restaurant, the tables are often full leading people to sit at the bar while
they wait for one to open up. Head there on a Friday or Saturday evening, pull up a chair at the bar, and
prepare to be served by friendly staff and have great conversations with new friends while enjoying a
delicious meal or beverage.

The BX Pub
433 Carney St.
This local pub has been a fixture in Prince George for decades. It offers a cozy atmosphere and two bars
to choose from: one on the main floor and one on the second level. The lower level bar of The BX Pub is
often full of friendly people. Pull up a seat and order your favourite pub food and a cold beverage to
wash it down.

Westwood Pub
233 Cherry Ave.
Like the BX Pub, the Westwood Pub is one of the few remaining neighbourhood pubs in Prince George.
This spot is a great place to catch your favourite sports game and the bar is always packed. Pull up a
seat, strike up some conversation and pick some eats and drinks from a large menu of pub favourites.

Trench Brewing
399 2nd Ave.
This local brewery is located in a light industrial area across from a scrapyard, giving it a very industrial
feel. The space is smaller and always bumping, especially on trivia nights and weekends, so the bar is a
great place to sit if you’re enjoying a solo night out. Trench Brewing offers a small menu featuring in-
house smoked meats and cold beer and seltzers, both of which you can enjoy at the bar.

Click here for a google map of listed locations!

Article contributed by Christina Doll