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Once you hit Prince George, you still have half of the province to discover! Highway 16 is home to alpine meadows, vast shorelines, and towering mountains. Highway 97 starts with rolling hills turning into towering mountains, ventures you through the serengeti of the north, and leads you through lands of winding rivers and valleys. Highway 37 is rich in Indigenous culture, with monumental totem poles, healing lava beds, ancient glaciers, and into the world’s last wild frontiers.

Make your trip into a Circle Route by start on either Highway 16 or 97. At Watson Lake in the Yukon, the highways intersect, allowing for a complete tour of the Northern portion of the province. Northern BC is home to more than 60% of the provinces provincial, national, and marine parks.

Highway 16 – The Yellowhead Highway

Wander amongst mountain ranges and paddle turquoise coloured lakes along the northwest route. This route takes you along sweeping valleys, small-town communities, and the great shorelines of the Pacific Ocean.

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Highway 97 – The Alaska Highway

Spend days chasing dinosaur tracks and waterfalls in Tumbler Ridge, explore Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway and take a dip in the Liard Hot Springs. This route will have you exploring ancient lands, wild forests and historic sites.

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Highway 37 – The Stewart Cassiar Highway

Witnessing towering glaciers, wild mountains, and small-town charm along the Stewart Cassiar Highway, while tapping into the many Indigenous cultures and witnessing first-hand iconic wildlife.

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