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Prince George is an angler’s paradise, with jewel-toned lakes, and wild watersheds. We’re a place for the adventurous, with over 1,600 lakes, rivers and streams waiting to be explored. Pack a range of tackle, as Prince George has two distinct watersheds and is home to a variety of fish species.

For anglers, Prince George offers an easy escape into the backcountry, with the urban amenities and comforts just a short drive away. It’s not uncommon to have the water to yourself, kept company by the local loons, beavers and river otters that call the area home.

Fly, troll or jig – you’ll be eager to dip your line in.

Holding a freshly caught fish in Prince George

Fish Species

Rainbow trout

  • Bright flashy large lures work best for rainbow trout, but a good earth coloured leech can be just as tempting, just make sure it’s weighted as they do spend most of their time near the bottom of the lake. Rainbow trout can be found not far from shore, normally in shallow waters. 

Brook trout

  • Small spinners moving slowly through the water can help you land a Brook trout. Fly fishers should do well with any colour fly as Brook trout are not picky and tend to eat larger insects during the insects’ adult stage. They enjoy cool waters and stay closer to shore.


  • Looking for a night fishing adventure, try fishing for Burbot! These fish like to roam the waters at night. Weighted lures such as spoons and jigs do the best as these fish like to hover near the bottom. 


  • Kokanee love red and hot pink lures! These fish mainly feed on plankton, so fishers have more luck when using flashy lures as they trigger the bite response in Kokanee.
Gone Fishing Prince George Guide

Where to Get Supplies

Whether you need new line, a fishing rod, or tackle, these places have you covered. With a variety of styles, brands, and colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to have the best tackle for landing that fish!

Don’t forget your license! Buy now.

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