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It tastes different when it’s local. The produce is fresher, the ingredients are carefully mixed and the local twists and entrepreneurial creativity shines. Here are a few places to indulge your tastebuds during your next visit.

Frozen Paddle

Encouraged by the growing craft brewery scene, Frozen Paddle churns out deliciously unique ice cream flavours, using locally sourced ingredients. Let your tastebuds sample the regional flavours of haskap or spruce tip ice cream.

Frozen paddle, locally created and sourced ice cream, churned to  perfection in Prince George

Farmers’ Market

Since 1994, the local farmers’ market has been making, baking and growing the best local foods in the city.

The shelves are packed with local coffees, honey and preserves with rotating seasonal produce and large selections of meat.

Col Juicery

Founded on the idea of local collaboration, Col Juicery provides many local restaurants and cafes with fresh quality ingredients for cocktails and local dishes. From their juicing cafe, their healthy cold-pressed juices, plant-based mylks and Chia Parfaits are available for quick grab and go bites.

Freshly Squeezed juice at Col Juicery in Prince George
Birch & Boar provides a wide range of house-cured meats, fresh steaks and pork cuts.

Birch & Boar

All sourced from local northern BC farms, Birch & Boar provides a wide range of house-cured meats, fresh steaks and pork cuts. With charcuterie platters, grab and go lunch bites and an assortment of products, the butchery’s strength lies in their traditional techniques with bold modern flavours.

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