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Grub On Wheels: Food Trucks


Just like travelers, Prince George’s food trucks are out chasing the best of the local scene and hotspots across the city. If you’re wanting to grab some eats from these mobile food vendors, this blog will help you chase them down.

Smokey J’s
If you’re looking for meats, Smokey J’s can’t be missed. From low and slow brisket, glossy BBQ ribs and chicken burgers, Smokey J’s is always mixing up their menu. Check their social for the weekly feature. Local Spot: They like to move around, but have been making a regular occurrence at the Powerhouse Plaza.

You’ll want to meet Stacey, the beautiful 1980’s meal on wheels that’s bringing you some of the freshest doughnuts in Prince George. Glazed is run by the same owners of the infamous Bear Paw Cafe (sadly now closed) in Wells, BC these entrepreneurs are now moving into the Prince George territory to share their love of sweets and fresh bites. Local Spot: Rumor has it these guys are booked up at the Wilson Square Farmers’ Market every Saturday.

Legendary John’s Spud Truck
As the name implies, this food truck is all about potatoes! Featuring a variety of different potato grub, this new food truck dishes up locally grown potatoes by Farmer John. Local Spot: The food truck is on the move! While there is no set area, they have been seen to frequently park along River Road (near Cottonwood Island Park) midweek.

The Gosling
Meet The White Goose’s little sibling. Out of the kitchen and on the road, these chefs are mixing up those classic festival bites and crowd favourites like burgers, deep-fried pickles and their own take on poutine. Local Spot: In 2021, the food truck has been spotted just outside the restaurant downtown. In years past, they were always hitting up the festival and event scene.

Sissy’s Sizzling Grill Food Truck
This Ma and Pa food truck is all about quality homestyle meals. A local favourite is the taco cone, sliders, and special meatball subs but the menu is vast and growing! Hours may change so keep an eye on their Facebook page. Local Spot: This food truck can be found Tuesday to Friday 11am – 2pm in the BCR site in the KalTire parking lot. 

Kusina Tasty Food
Treat your tastebuds with the worldly flavours of Flillipino food from Kusina Tasty Food. The menu has some non-traditional options alongside the traditional options so there is something for everyone. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to check out locations and menu items. Local Spot: This food truck has been seen frequenting Duchess Park but does move around. 

Piperz Snack Shack
Piperz Snack Shack has a menu full of options from mozza sticks to burgers. A fan favourite is the zucchini sticks and the halibut fish and chips but the menu is frequently changing to try new grub options. Local Spot: Piperz Snack Shack is known to move about the community but is known to frequent the Beverly Petro Canada parking lot. Keep your eyes peeled for the red snack shack on wheels!

Honourable Mention The Open Door Cafe
This cafe moves on motorized wheels, so we think it counts! New to Prince George, these guys are whipping up deluxe pour-over coffees and BC-made iced teas and classic cafe sweets all summer long. Local Spot: These guys live just outside Books & Company, but are not afraid to be mobile and frequently visit the Pineview Market.