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9 Old School Date Nights

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The kinds of dates people go on may have changed over the past few decades, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw it back once in a while and plan an old school date night. With the weather warming up and COVID-19 restrictions easing, there are plenty of options for planning a romantic and not-so-typical night out. Here are 10 ideas for old school date nights you can enjoy in Prince George to get you started.

Strap on roller skates and sip on milkshakes

If you want to go way back in time for your date night, throw on some short shorts, your brightest shirt, some tall socks, or whatever you feel most comfortable in, grab your rollerskates or rollerblades if you have them, and head to the CN Centre parking lot for an afternoon of gliding, spinning, and hopefully not falling. And for the cherry on top of your day out, grab a milkshake from Triple O’s, Fatburger, or Dairy Queen and drive up Connaught Hill so you can take in views of the city while you enjoy your tasty treat. No skates? No problem. Skip the skating and go straight for the milkshake half of the date.

Re-create a diner experience at a neighbourhood pub

If you’re looking for that old-fashioned diner experience, grab your other half and head to a neighbourhood pub for the next best thing. Depending on which one you choose, you can enjoy delicious pub food and a beer and pair it with a game of pool or darts. The Westwood Pub, Alpine Pub & Grill, Nelly’s Pub, and The BX Pub are all great options.

Spend an afternoon racing go-karts and playing mini golf

Pick a sunny weekend and head out to the Raceway Go-Karts & Mini Golf north of Prince George between noon and 5 pm. Feel like a kid again as you zoom around the raceway tracks and compete for the best mini-golf score. The mini-golf course is lined with picnic tables, so you can also pack a lunch or snack in case you work up an appetite.

Park your vehicle at the drive-in theatre and snuggle up for a movie

Since you’re already out at the Raceway Go-Karts and Mini Golf, why not keep the date going by heading to the nearby Park Drive-In Theatre to take in that evening’s showing? Or you can make a special night of it if you don’t want the full-day experience. Pack some blankets, pillows, and concession money and get ready to curl up under the stars at one of the few remaining drive-ins in Canada. Make sure to buy your tickets online as they often sell out before the showings.

Visit an ice cream stand

Put on your best pair of vintage sunglasses, hop in your vehicle, and stop by an ice cream stand for a cone. Frozen Paddle and Ice Cream Express both have cute patios for you to sit on with your sweetie. Frozen Paddle is a locally owned and operated craft ice cream bar that offers unique dairy and non-dairy options and pints to go. Try a locally inspired cone of haskap or North Roast Coffee or go for a salted caramel or matcha. Ice Cream Express offers 43 ice cream flavours, including sugar free options and gluten free cones.

Grab a coffee and go record shopping

There’s no better way to throw it back than grabbing a coffee from a local café and heading to 2nd Thoughts Buy & Sell or Sunrise Records to pick up some new or gently used vinyl. You also might want to check out local thrift stores if you want to score some older records at great prices. Then head back to your place and pump up the volume while finishing off your local brew. Or switch it up and buy some vinyl before heading to a café to chat about your sweet finds.

Hit up a bowling alley

If you’re looking for something a bit more active to do, head to a local bowling alley. Strike Zone offers 10-pin bowling and a mini-golf course. Black Diamond Bowl & Billiards offers 5-pin bowling, which you can follow-up with a few games of pool or darts in their billiards lounge. And if you just want to play 5-pin bowling, head to Nechako Lanes.

Pick up or pack a picnic and head to a local park

The warmer weather is beckoning for you to get outside, so take advantage of it by ordering a meal from a local restaurant for pick-up or packing your own, throwing it in a picnic basket, and heading to one of the many parks in Prince George. Local parks have lots of shelters, picnic tables, and benches for you to sit on and enjoy your meal or you can bring a blanket and spread it out on the grass.

Play classic board games or watch old films at home

If you’re not in the mood for venturing outside of your home or the weather isn’t cooperating, order in from a local restaurant and then pull out your older boardgames – think Life, Sorry, or Candy Land – for a night of friendly competition. Cap off your evening by watching a film from the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s.

Click here for a map showing the locations for some old school date nights!

Article contributed by Christina Doll, City of Prince George