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Support Local This Summer

The Local Take

The days are getting warmer, which means summer is almost here. As we continue to stay local and avoid unnecessary travel it’s important to remember many of our favourite businesses have taken a massive financial hit over the past year and a half. As the longer days entice more of us to explore our city – from parks, museums and restaurants – here’s six ideas on how to be strategic with your spending to help support Prince George businesses.

PG Passport Program

This summer, Support PG and 50+ local businesses have teamed up to create a special stay local passport program. As the days get warmer and longer, locals can show their support by purchasing goods and collecting stickers from participating businesses across the city. Once you’ve collected some stamps, your filled-in passport can then be entered in to win prizes all summer long.

Of course, I want to win prizes! #SupportPG

Support local business in Prince George

Every Dollar Adds Up

Birthdays, anniversaries and holiday celebrations sure have changed over the last year and a half but the variety of ways we show appreciation and love for each other hasn’t. If you’re wanting to surprise a lucky someone with a gift, consider purchasing a present from one of the many local shops. From winemaking, artisan goods, farmers’ market products, locally brewed beers and speciality home goods stores – there’s something out there for every interest and budget. Each dollar spent at a local shop gets recirculated into the local economy and supports an entrepreneur.

Not sure where to shop? Check out our previous shopping holiday guide.

Support local in Prince George

Try Virtual

Tons of businesses have moved into the online world. From tutors, yoga instructors, financial planners, and community events. If you haven’t checked in with your favourite non-profits and businesses lately consider popping over to their website or social media to see if they’ve got anything planned in the coming months. Many cool new products, like virtual fitness classes, adult lectures, concerts and fun family-friendly events are in the works.


Now might be the perfect time to explore your city like a tourist. With small crowds, and open spaces Prince George is a safe relaxing destination to experience. If you’ve fallen into the local “I’ll do it someday” trap, now might be the perfect time to check out a new spot. Lots of locals haven’t walked the stunning Ancient Forest before, perused the extensive exhibits at the Railway and Forestry Museum or experienced the interactive tours at Huble Homestead.

Adventures are waiting. Browse our directory for inspiration.

Share the Love

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways you can support a business, but it doesn’t just have to be within your core bubble. Next time you’re waiting on your coffee order or for the kids to finish school, jump onto social media for a few minutes and share, comment and like some of your favourite local business’s content. You can even take it a step further and leave reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor or Google. Your review could encourage others to test, try and maybe even fall in love with a new local business. Plus, it doesn’t cost you a cent.

Outdoor Dining

Our local restaurants, cafes and bars have been hit exceptionally hard this past year. As they adjust to the new outdoor dining mandate, they are still looking to serve up the same scrumptious bites in a safe space. Next time you’re considering some fine dining or takeout, check out our ultimate patio guide for choices. So many local eateries now have beautifully developed patio spaces or rooftop experiences.

Let my stomach decide what I want.