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Downtown PG – A Canvas of Creativity

The Local Take, Virtual

Earlier this year we teamed up with a local graphic designer, Evann Campbell to design a graphic to reflect the rural urbanity of our downtown and the many businesses that make up its core. Click play to see her journey in creating a signature image to represent Prince George.

“I love how our city is inside a bowl – it’s like the ‘living room’ of Prince George that just so happens to also be nestled inside a basin of an ancient lake. When I went to design something for Prince George, I wanted to add in those geographical layers but also include the coziness and friendliness of the people who live here and make our city what it is.

Having worked downtown, having been involved with a lot of small businesses and then becoming a small business myself, it was important to me to recognize the culture of our downtown. I wanted to express those connections and those unique relationships we all have with these amazing people behind them.” – Evann Campbell, @SilkyHenDesign

Evann’s tshirt will launch @ 3pm Friday, April 30.

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