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Graeme’s Take On Fat Biking

Adventure, The Local Take, Winter

Okay, I must start by saying – I admittedly used to be a big skeptic of fatbikes. I used to look at them and think there was no way that could be fun, and I thought they looked ridiculous. Let alone an enjoyable experience.

As an avid mountain bike rider my whole life, I just couldn’t get on board.

Boy was I wrong. It is honestly soooo much fun! The ability to ride a bike in the winter is such an amazing novelty for a bike nut like myself. It isn’t the same as riding on dirt, but its a new and exciting experience.

I bit the bullet and got my own bike, but I needed to figure out where to ride. Prince George has an amazing mountain bike trail network in the summer months, so I started exploring some of my favourite shredding spots. Much to my excitement, the trails are just as awesome in the winter as they are the rest of the year.

My favourite has to be Forest For the World. This area of trails has endless loops of packed single track goodness that makes any winter weekend an awesome one for pedalling. The trails are all very well mapped out in the field as well as on popular trail map apps like as Trailforks.

It’s not only the rad trails we have, but it’s also the wonderful community of fat bikers that make Prince George an awesome place to ride in all seasons. I have met so many awesome people out and about who all have the same giant grins on their face as they pedal during months that were previously inaccessible to ride a bike.