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Prince George Ballroom/DanceSport Workshop

Friday, May 31 2013
5:00pm - 9:00pm
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Friday, May 31 2013
Saturday, June 1 2013
Sunday, June 2 2013

Workshop Introduction:

Yuliya Zavadska (Top 10 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance Canada – season 4) will be coming from Toronto to teach the classes (for more information on Yuliya Zavadska: her bio, teaching history, links to her videos of her performances in dance competitions and So You Think You Can Dance Canada (SYTYCDC), etc. see uploaded file “Yuliya Zavadska Biography Summary” and, for a brief description on DanceSport, see the DanceSport reference section below). The managing director met Yuliya Zavadska at the dance studio in Toronto and was very impressed with her dancing as well as her teaching.


There are two aspects to this Workshop: Adult Ballroom and Youth DanceSport.

The Adult Ballroom classes are for adults (over 18 years) who take the social, recreational approach to Ballroom dancing. This is appealing to a mature age group such as those who are members of the Dance North Ballroom Dance Club that normally take dance classes as couples and are accustomed to dancing with a partner. These classes will be taught at the beginner/bronze level and will cover: Slow Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha. 

The Youth DanceSport classes will focus on the DanceSport Latin Dances (Rumba, Cha-Cha, Samba, Jive) and will be taught at the beginning levels (or at the skill level appropriate to the participants that attend the class). This is appealing to children and students (18 years and under) that have had experience with Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Cheerleading, etc. and can be performed without a partner as exemplified by Yuliya Zavadska’s solo dance in this clip “You Give Me Fever”. Thus, the participant will benefit from these classes with or without a partner. Since these classes are taught at the beginning levels, High School students who haven’t had prior dance experience will also benefit from these classes. 

What makes this Workshop unique are the Youth DanceSport Special classes. These classes are designed for skaters, dancers, gymnasts, rhythmic gymnasts, cheerleaders, etc. who want to adapt DanceSport Latin dance expression/movement to their respective disciplines (others, who may not be actively pursuing goals in related disciplines but are in good physical condition, can join in these classes as well). These Special classes involve more elaborate choreography/training than what is covered in the other Youth DanceSport Classes (these classes cover basic Latin dance steps/routines). Examples of what would be covered in the Youth DanceSport Special Classes are:

(i) the performance of Yuliya & Ilya in this video: “Yuliya Zavadska & Ilya Maletin Rumba “Smile” dance” ) – consider Yuliya’s entrance and individual movements; also consider Iliya’s individual movements/expression as well (performed in the National Dance Council of America, Southern States DanceSport Championships. New Orleans, March 26–31, 2013

(ii) the performance of Yuliya Zavadska on SYTYCDC (season 4) Top 10 Solo “You Give Me Fever

(iii) the performance of Yuliya and Adam in the video (their Jive performance is at the 1:49 point in the clip): “SYTYCDC Yuliya & Adam Jive performance” – again, consider their individual movements (performed in So You Think You Can Dance Canada [SYTYCDC] season 4 spotlight of Yuliya & Adam: their interview, rehearsals, performance)

Online Registration:

For online registration, click on: Ballroom/DanceSport Workshop Registration. For adults taking the Adult Ballroom classes, choose “Register for Adult Dance/Sport Workshop Sessions”. For the adult students (19+) taking the Adult Ballroom classes, choose “Register for Student Dance/Sport Workshop Sessions”. For teenagers, children, figure skaters, gymnasts, and others who are taking the Youth DanceSport Classes (18 & under), choose “Register for Youth Dance/Sport Workshop Sessions”.

After completing the Online Registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email as a receipt. Be sure to print that out and have it with you when arriving for your first class.

Note: Please arrive at the John McInnis Centre gym 30 minutes prior to your first class and arrive 15 minutes prior to subsequence classes.


For further details on the Online Registration process, please refer to the Guides:

Online Registration Guide for Adult and Adult Students Ballroom class registration

Online Registration Guide for Youth DanceSport class registration

Special note for those taking the Youth DanceSport Special Classes on Saturday and Sunday: the entry as shown in the screen for the Start and End times refers to the Sunday class—not the Saturday class (it was entered this way in order to conform to the programming procedures of the Online Registration system). The Guide for the Youth DanceSport Class Registration shows an example of this on pg 5 (Step 3) Select Sessions: Registering for the Classes.


Contact Information:

For registration enquires, workshop information, please contact:

Raymond Naismith (Managing Director) 
(250) 562 – 6387 email: r.naismith@telus.net


Steve Burke (director of Prince George FSC)
(250) 640 – 0733 email: spburke@telus.net

The Prince George Ballroom / DanceSport Workshop is on Facebook as a page and group. These will be used to post messages, updates, sharing information, etc.

Workshop Class Schedule, Fees, Forms:

For class schedule, fees and waiver forms, please refer to uploaded documents as listed below:

1) Ballroom DanceSport Poster, class schedules, waiver/release forms with link to Online Registration
This contains the Poster with the link to the Online Registration system (1st page); includes: Adult & Youth class schedules; waiver / release forms

2) Yuliya Zavadska Biography summary
A summary of Yuliya Zavadska’s biography; includes: a list of her competitive experience; video / picture gallery; teaching Experience; list of choreographers she worked with in So You Think You Can Dance Canada

3) Adult Ballroom Registration Form, class schedule & fees
A separate registration form for the Adult Ballroom classes (includes class fees & schedule)

4) Youth DanceSport Registration Form, class schedule & fees
A separate registration form for the Youth DanceSport classes (includes class fees & schedule)

5) Waiver Form (Adult)
Only required for Adults (must be completed)

6) Waiver Form (Youth)
Only required for Youths (must be completed)

7) Waiver Release Form (Video / Photo)
Required for Adults & Youths

8) Ballroom DanceSport Workshop Registration: procedures and deadlines
Explains the registration policies and deadlines

9) Online Registration Guide for Adult and Adult Students Ballroom class registration
Gives step-by-step instructions for the Online Registration process including the confirmation receipts and emails for those registering as Adults or Adult Students for the Adult Ballroom classes.

10) Online Registration Guide for Youth DanceSport class registration
Gives step-by-step instructions for the Online Registration process including the confirmation receipts and emails for those registering Youth DanceSport Latin classes.

DanceSport Reference:

If you’re not familiar with DanceSport, this link is a brief overview that would be of interest.

DanceSport videos that are worth seeing and gives a good idea of what DanceSport Latin Dances are like:

1) USA Dance 2010 – Adult Latin 

2) 2005 IDSF Latin World Championships – Cha-Cha

3) 2012 WDSF European Latin – Paso Doble

4) 2012 WDSF Championship U-21 Latin

BallRoom DanceSport