• #MonsterTruck Destruction Tour is coming to #CityofPG this weekend! They will have two shows at the @CNCentre. https://t.co/Gn86b0nT0j
  • #RelayForLife is happening this weekend! Here is the schedule of events: @RelayPG #cityofpg https://t.co/Dgzj4kT9Dy
  • Next week the #ExPlace team will have free family friendly science demos. Join them for discovery & innovation! https://t.co/xG15jvZAiq
  • Thanks for sharing, @saywhat_411!
  • The lineup to buy tix for #MonsterTruck last time they were in #cityofpg! Thanks @943theGOAT for reminding us! https://t.co/lfOnYgu31d

Cottonwood Island Nature Park

Explore Cottonwood Island Nature Park's winding trails along the river. This is a local favourite and provides views of the historical vertical-lift rail bridge. Follow Highway 16 east to the foot of the Yellow Head Bridge on the east side of town. To the left, before the bridge is River Road heading north. Follow River Road to find multiple access point to the park, which will be on your right hand side.


Cottonwood Island Nature Park
River Rd
Prince George,
Cottonwood Island Prince George